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Auto Dent Removal

Auto Dent Repair is a quick and affordable process that doesn’t have to require major body work. Paintless repair can be completed in as little as an hour, saving you valuable time and money. Dent Pro of the Carolinas is staffed with a trained team of technicians that will remove dents and dings from your car by reshaping the metal or aluminum panel. It does not require major body work that could leave you without transportation for days and same day service can have your car fixed in a hurry. The only necessity is that the paint must be intact on the damaged area for our professionals to service your vehicle successfully.

Free Estimates

All of our estimates are always 100% free at Dent Pro of the Carolinas. We also guarantee to beat any other local estimate. If you find a lower price, just bring in a written copy of that estimate and we will beat it by 10%. Our staff is available 7 days a week and will gladly fill you in on all the details that come with Paintless Dent Repair.

Satisfaction 100% guaranteed

We stand behind the quality of our work with a 100% customer service satisfaction guarantee. This applies to our paintless repair as well as hail damage dent repair service. Dent Pro of the Carolinas also works with insurance companies, making the process much easier for our customers. We guarantee you will approve of our work.

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    Benefits of Auto Dent Removal

    • Enables your car to retain its original finish and warranty
    • Removes the need to match any paint
    • No sanding, filling, drilling or grinding to the car panels
    • Eco-friendly option with no airborne paints
    • More affordable financial option than traditional auto body repair
    • Quick repair service that can be done the same day
    • No increase in auto insurance premiums

    Repairable Dents

    Not all dents can be repaired using the PDR method. Much has to do with the depth of the dent, more so than the diameter of the dent. Larger dents can be repaired if they are shallow enough. The repair process is then done by a trained technician who uses metal rods to reshape the panel by massaging out the dents and dings. Keep in mind that the paint must be intact on the damaged area for this method to be successful for your vehicle.

    Auto dent removal is not limited to one part of the vehicle. Damage to the vehicle’s hood, quarter panel, trunk, roof, and fender are able to be fixed using this method. Paint can be delicate and that is why it takes the hand of an expert to complete this process. A careful and meticulous approach can eliminate auto body damage in what is truly an amazing process. Once your vehicle is fixed, the metal will never return to its damaged form.

    Dent Pro of the Carolinas continues to service the Charlotte area with an affordable and quick solution to minor dents and dings. Our mobile dent repair service is designed to better and more conveniently assist our customers as we offer a long list of benefits that makes repair much easier. Contact us today and let our team of professionals start working for you.