Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is an affordable and convenient alternative to having larger scale body work done on your car. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of being without your vehicle for any stretch of time. This type of repair can be done in the same day and, in many instances, within an hour.

The process involves the shaping and shrinking of the metal or aluminum on your car. The techniques used make it possible to remove small amounts of damage without having to order new parts for your vehicle. This service is capable of fixing the following problems:

  • Door dings
  • Hail damage
  • Minor dents
  • Minor creases

Dent repair is available on all cars, foreign and domestic, and can be done on metal or aluminum panels. Our estimates are always free and we also guarantee to beat any competitor’s written estimate. Mobile repair is also available to motorists who are looking to bring our service directly to them. Keep in mind that the paint must be intact on the damaged area for our professionals to service your vehicle successfully.


This method does not use more conventional ways of fixing auto body damage such as sanding, painting or body fillers. There is also no drilling involved. The process will preserve the original factory finish on your vehicle. There are other advantages that come along with the use of PDR and they are as follows:

  • Cost efficiency – Conventional auto repair involves ordering new parts, painting and other procedures that could add up to be a costly expense. The cost of a procedure at Dent Pro of the Carolinas is usually 50% less than what you would pay at a body shop.
  • Convenience – At any ordinary auto repair shop, body work usually takes a minimum of three days. You only wait a small fraction of time with paintless dent repair service. Our team of professionals can have you in and out within an hour, keeping time on your side.
  • Leasing benefits – Those individuals who lease their cars could be charged with excessive wear and tear on the exterior of their vehicle. Those drivers whose lease is coming up soon could benefit a great deal with the use of this PDR service.
  • Hail storm repair – Hail storms can happen at a moment’s notice, leaving drivers at the mercy of Mother Nature. Before you can get your car out of harm’s way, there could be dents left on your car. Those dent can now be a quick fix with the help of the experienced team of professionals at Dent Pro of the Carolinas
  • Better selling optionsWhen it comes to selling a car the better it looks, the more money you are likely to receive. An investment in paintless dent repair will increase the value of your car and assist with a quicker sale.

Paintless dent repair in Charlotte has never been as easy or as affordable as it is now with Dent Pro of the Carolinas. Our experienced technicians can save you time and money while also bringing our service right to you with our Charlotte mobile dent repair. Trust the best in the business to improve the look of your vehicle.

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